• What is Freemasonry
    What is Freemasonry
    At Lodge Mana, we are very open to presenting you with what Freemasonry is and what it can offer. Click here to find out more
  • Location
    We are located just out of the main city centre in Ranui. Click here for directions
  • Charity
    We have three calls for charity, our local community, our region, and nationwide. As a community organasition, we place these in this order of priority
  • History
    We have been going strong since 1949. Click here to find out more

Lodge Mana is an active Freemasons Lodge since 1949, and registered as Lodge Number 352 under the Grand Lodge of New Zealand.

We meet on a monthly basis at Windana Hall, our lodge room located in McKillop Street, Porirua, and share our facilities with other lodges and orders of the craft.